Full power wherever you are!


Many transport companies and charging providers have already joined the ChargeUpNow community and decided to make a difference in the world by choosing green energy, meaning energy generated from renewable resources.

We want to give those members the credit they deserve by sharing their efforts here in the HALL OF FAME. 

Help us to rise the demand for green energy even more and become part of the HALL OF FAME as well. This is how it works:

  • As a charging provider you choose to offer green energy and we help you to set up the contract with the respective energy provider.
  • As a charging customer you can choose to load your trucks with those charging providers that offer green energy. We will show your achieved level of kilowatt hours here.
  • You can share your membership in the HALL OF FAME with your customers, partners and friends by using our free integration into your website or social media profile. If you prefer to be a silent advocate for sustainability you can also choose not to be shown of course.