Full power wherever you are!

Charge your truck wherever you are

There are several things to consider when switching to electric driven vehicles, especially in the commercial sector. Sustainable transport becomes more and more important. The overal awareness of climate related changes has been rising strongly in the past time and will rise even more. Governmental regulations will limit the access to city centers for fossil fuel driven vehicles.

This change can be a challenge. But the availability of charging infrastructure is none, if you choose to join the ChargeUpNow community!

We connect you with charging spots all over Europe and make sure, that you can always charge up in the best quality and time. 

Charge your vehicles on the way. Let us know where you want to go and we adapt your route accordingly to charge as fast and cheap as possible. 

Electricity prices vary just like fuel prices do. We help you to always find the best time to avoid peaks and charge cheap without ever running down on battery! Pay conveniently directly on the ChargeUpNow platform.