Full power wherever you are!


Become a charging provider

You want to help making transports more sustainable and in the same time earn some extra money? We help you to set up your charging infrastructure, meeting the right quality standards for the best price and to get the trucks to your site!

You already have a charger? Wonderful, benefit from our free checkup service to certify that your infrastructure meets the reliable ChargeUpNow quality standards. We also maintain your system and make sure, that your charging guests always leave you happy and fully loaded.

What's in for you?

  • Earn a 5% share with every truck that is being loaded at your charging station.
  • Since we are a big community you get the energy cheaper through our platform than you sell it, which means more profit for you!
  • Choose a green fuel package and be shown at our "Hall of Fame" which can be linked to your website.